Hello there. Our focus here is on helping you understand the uses of and technologies powering the peer-to-peer digital currency called Bitcoin.

Get started with a few of the several free videos below. After that, we suggest the free webinar to the right and one of the Bitcoin guides toward the bottom of the page or eBooks for purchase on the sidebar.

Interested in doing your own talks?

Reddit user redpistacios recently shared the materials he uses to hold introductory talks on Bitcoin. These include his slides, flyer example, and a script document. If you wish to contact the author, his site is bitcoinmenow.com.

Khan Academy Bitcoin Series

Bitcoin - Overview

Bitcoin - Cryptographic Hash Functions

Bitcoin - Digital Signatures

Bitcoin - Transaction Records

Bitcoin - Proof of Work

Bitcoin - Transaction Block Chains

Bitcoin - The Money Supply

Beginner Videos

What is Bitcoin?

BK Tech Talks - Bitcoin is NOT a Currency

An Introduction to Bitfilm and Bitcoin

Intermediate / Tutorial Videos

Introduction to Bitcoin

Bitcoin Quick Tutorial and Overview

Bitcoin-OTC Registering and Authing

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